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2015-12-27 00:00:00

Currently, interest in the hotel business is growing along with the fact that the demand for travel services. Only half of vacationers prefer to stay in big hotels in my travels. The second half loves quiet Bs and private hotels. This situation allows budding entrepreneurs to open small hotels and earn money.

How do hotel business profitable?

Each case should be planned, well organized, build all the elements one by one and execute plans. That is, a business plan hotel. To start the space where you want to start hotel business should be transferred from the residential use. Then you need to register as a legal entity, obtain the necessary approvals in SES, fire inspections and other approvals relating to safety and health of future customers.

Licensing for the hospitality industry today is canceled, other special documents, other than those listed above, are not required. The main costs are composed premises equipment necessary furniture and household appliances. For inns 10-15 holidaymakers need of such costs in the amount of 500 000, may be less if you can buy furniture at a discount. People used to not appreciate luxury mansions, and a good attitude, peace and quiet, homely atmosphere, which create a mini hotel is easier than in a huge hotel.

Much more spending is required, if you have to install additional communication, as they are needed, as needed, at least two showers and bathrooms, utility rooms. These costs will cost another 300 000 rub.

Lingerie, detergents, hygiene products, the cost of electricity, water and the sign and advertising-is also a major cost item and can safely be added to the already designated spending another 200 000 rub. Altogether it is one million rubles for expenses if you already have the right to ownership and home ownership it is translated in non-residential status.

seems that large investments, but as soon as the function your hotel, you`ll find that on the right track, and the business plan of the hotel will confirm this. Because the yield in this area ranges from 20 to 75%. This is evidenced Analysis of foreign and Russian hospitality. Thus, the invested capital can be recouped within a half year. This rapid return of capital characteristic of a rare kind of business.

Taxes levied in hotels mainly on the simplified system of taxation, ie 6%. It will not have much impact on the profitability of the enterprise, but take them into account when planning is also necessary. Another system of taxation in this enterprise unprofitable. I must say that for both large and small hotels in the same tax.

small hotel staff can be of 4 persons. Distributing responsibilities between them and determining their salaries, these costs also need to add in the expenditure part of the hotel business plan. Now you will take into account all costs. A revenue need to calculate the rate of the room stay per person per day. If it is 500 rubles per day, it will be 7500 per day in high season, or 225,000 rubles per month. Do not think that all this money will remain in profit in this business a lot of current expenditures, which we discussed earlier: electricity, heat, water, detergents and cleaning products, linens and salary workers. Should take into account the costs of developing the site for hotels.

Well, if the wait staff work in your family, therefore, a large part of the money will remain in the family. Individual entrepreneurs who start hotel business, the first time and only rely on their family members.

These simple calculations show that this business is profitable and worth it to do. Especially large income it gives owners of small hotels in the resort area.

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