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Lucrative business of reselling websites CTLC. ru

2015-12-25 00:00:00

Dear blog readers paliha-14. ru! The other day I came across a very interesting company engaged in investment in the internet sites with a substantial income. Studied in detail testimonials from customers who have already worked with this organization, I decided to share aggregated information with you.


logo Investment CTLC Customer Trust Loyalty Confidence engaged in buying large Internet projects forums, personal blogs, services, portals and traditional sites . Each client is provided by the seller personal touch that can not but rejoice. But most importantly-the employees of the company conclude a mutually beneficial deal with webmasters that suit both sides.

There are often situations when the popular site has to sell, and it must be done quickly. Usually quick sale entails lowering the cost of the site-is one of the laws of the market. However, cooperation with a company allows you to quickly sell the resource, without losing any of the money.

If you have a website that brings you a decent income, but for some reason you decide to sell it, it is best that you contact the company CTLC. ru.

 customer trust loyalty confidence The most important thing: CTLC. ru-it`s not for sale exchange sites, it is not the mediator! Company CTLC-is the ultimate buyer. This fact shows that you can save not only time but also money because mediators are known to take both.


Alas, there are some limitations-not all sites can be purchased now. It seems a number of conditions that must be met-it terms of the transaction.

    First, subject matter resource: web portals, media, online services commercial real estate topics, medicine, construction, tourism, work, etc., have an advantage over the other, but the sites and entertainment themes varezniki no considered for a deal. Secondly, selling resource should have a certain income exceeding $ 500 per month. The fact that the purchase of sites with lower income is simply not profitable for the company, they are interested in serious projects that really makes sense to invest. Third, it should be possible renewal of the domain. Well then, I think everything is clear: change of ownership involves changing personal data from the registrar of domain names.

advantages of working with the system

Deficiencies at the company I have found. Well, except that it is a pity that the system does not buy all the sites, but only already receiving income. It is hoped that over time, these strips will be reduced, and will buy less developed Internet projects.

But there are benefits, and they are quite serious.

    Transferring money to the seller site can be conducted through a guarantor if necessary. As a guarantor selected person, which the seller can be trusted. Payment is fast. Sold the site will continue its development: company employees make every effort to target audience and regular visitors were satisfied with the new materials. With no major changes followed: the original idea will be supported in terms of the webmaster of the site development. Will not change in design, because each major change-a "burden" for regular readers. The company "would not hurt" price sellers: the negotiations will be a compromise between the parties, and which will suit both. The budget for the purchase of a site at a very solid example of the most expensive contract was made in the amount of 10 million rubles!. If necessary, can be a written agreement for the sale of the site.

Overall, pleased that the site can be sold quickly, but it is not cheap.

not look dirty tricks, they are not for the reason that the company is profitable to buy such sites-in fact, it is a long term investment in prospective resources, and eventually all the investment will pay off.

How to evaluate the site

The Company does not

rated sites, the price is determined by negotiations between the parties. But if you still want to know the cost of your web resource, it does not necessarily refer to the evaluators. Some appreciate your website, you can own, this is done as follows: Calculate the monthly income of the site and multiply this figure by 12-it turns out that you are selling the site for an amount equal to its annual income.

sale of profitable sites The resulting price is considered the lowest sell for less resource is not necessary. But is it worth trying to get more? It depends on the income of the site and its development prospects. The higher the income and serious prospects, the greater the amount you can ask for.

Here such here

investment company appeared in runet. You can go to the abandonment of the application on this link and get acquainted with all the terms and nuances of the transaction.

And I wish you good luck and solid deals!

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