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Register your site?
Dear blog readers paliha-14. ru. Today`s article is intended to "completely" beginners who have just learned that the internet can make your website.

ATTENTION COMPETITION! My opinion on paliha-14. ru
Dear blog readers " World Money »! It is time to hold the first and hopefully not the last contest. The idea of the contest is very simple: you need to write a small post in which you express your opinion about paliha-14. ru. Describe what you like and what is not, you need to add and remove that design, informative articles, screenshots graphics, layout columns, sidebars, etc.

Develop only one site to achieve profits. Oh really?
We always recommend to concentrate fully on one site or project-from the very beginning to achieve the desired result. And further, even the maximum possible benefit.

How not to fall for the hype consultant, buying computer?
Hello. I-the usual manager consultant earn selling personal computers. I am sincerely sorry for the people, not versed in the art, which often deceive my dishonest colleagues.

Google Docs: now with OCR Russian text
OCR free Optical Character Recognition, OCR-task is demanded. Applications of this method in a lot; unlikely to find at least one person working with books and documents at all, which at least once encountered such a task: translate an image or PDF file, and so on in the text.

How to promote the application in AppStore: 10 Tips
If you have recently completed the development of the application, let`s talk about what steps you should take on, that it brought profit App Store. 1. Your application must be worthy of attention Here, in principle, does not tell anything new.

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