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: site links code. With the help of robots,. Htaccess, meta tag
Dear blog readers! Let`s talk about today one very important topic-the prohibition of the indexing code, links, pages, or certain categories of site. Everything is done very simply, if there is already a similar experience, although the first time it seems that it is not so easy.

How to add to the site map Google
necessary to go to the Site Map Google Http ://maps. google. com? hl = ru Hl = ru -this is the Russian language.

How to remove the date of publication of the entry in the WordPress issue to improve its CTR
article in a series of Week WordPress. In this article I`ll show you how to exclude the date, as well as how to keep your" urgent "positions. Why cut off date? First of all, why do we need to exclude is the date of the SERPs? If someone sees your article in the search results, and there will indicate that the article created a few years ago, it is unlikely to go to your page , since according to date finds that the information old.

Alarms and time report
If you have Internet not necessarily bring myself Service. Enough to take advantage of online alarm clocks. They are easy to use and work directly in the browser window. You just need to set the time and turn your speakers on full volume.

Profitable themes for your sites. Chat 1
Utilizing a tautology to say that the theme for the site, it is a special and very important topic. In the article "Steps for creating a website" we determined that the choice of the theme for the site is the second step after determining development goals.

Google Adsense checks are cashed in Ukraine
While Ukrainian webmasters will visit your country rapida providing fellows from neighboring Russia opportunity "in a jiffy" encash earned in Google Adsense money, I decided to write a manual on the topic " Adsense How to cash a check in Ukraine ». Too often heard this question in different variations and themes on this and other forums webmasters.

Forex Trading Sessions
Very bright example of the influence of the trading session is the opening of trading on the American Stock Exchange.

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